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Ministry w/Death Grips, Minneapolis, 27 Oct 2017

I had been indecisive about whether I was going or not--did I feel like showing up?--but the day of the concert I went out to see if tickets were still available.

I made it about 2 blocks before I turned around and went back for a jacket. It was cold! A benefit of living downtown.

The line to get in went down the street and around the corner. I walked past the venue to see if there were separate lines for have-tickets and need-tickets but it looked like one line to me so I added myself to the queue.

I often have remarked that no one smokes anymore. That was not true of the people near me in line. I was surrounded by some of the trashiest people I've rubbed shoulders with in ages. And the eavesdropping -- they were clearly idiots. Although I overheard a conversation where people were proud of some younger relative winning an essay contest, and he would be traveling to D.C. He's so smart, look how much he's grown, etc. One Ministry fan said that Death Grips was too avant-garde for her tastes.

Venue staff were coming around checking IDs and applying wristbands. "Is this the line to buy tickets?" No, he said, up by the doors there's a crowd of people smoking. You should go there.

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