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cherdt's journal

Nothing is more hopeless than a scheme of merriment.

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Christopher tm Herdt
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"...for I was rich, if not in money, in sunny hours and summer days, and spent them lavishly; nor do I regret that I did not waste more of them in the workshop or the teacher's desk." - Henry David Thoreau, Walden

(Did Nathaniel Hawthorne say, "I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air"? I don't know. If he did, I like that too. These old dead guys might have been on to something.)

Christopher tm Herdt is primarily a lunatic, although he has several moronic qualities. He hopes to one day create a farcicial fanatical religious sect as successful as the Rosicrucians. Failing that, he will simply buy a short bus and drive to Mexico.
Note: I got a full-size bus, and we drove it to Laredo, where we were turned away by the Mexican authorities.
acronyms, action tiger, aggressive apathy, agonizing over my mistakes, alcohol, alpine skiing, amon tobin, angela carter, anton chekhov, atheism, avatars, bad poetry, batrachian sonnets, beautiful stories ugly children, beer, biking, blues explosion, booze, bourbon, burning man, cacophony, camping, carhenge, centralia pa, chaos, chuck jones, clove gum, coffee, collaborative literature, conservation, conversation, diy, dreams, easter wednesday, eavesdropping, ermes marana, federico garcia lorca, fire dancing, fonts, found magazine, freedom, gadgets, galaga, getting illuminated, gin, goofing off, google, green hair, green roofs, grilled cheese, guerrilla cheese, hakim bey, hamilton watches, hemacite, hematophobia, herman melville, hiking, hoofing it, hoot owl manor, hugo nanofsky, humanism, impulsiveness, inappropriate attire, international klein blue, jabberwocky, jesus lizard, joan miro, koyaanisqatsi, krzysztof kieslowski, lapsang souchong, laszlo novotny, leather pants, licorice, limericks, linocuts, linux, liquor, low-power computing, lying, madrid, mark leyner, mescal, mezcal, michael chabon, midwest product, misinformation, monty cantsin, morton d. ballard, mosh pits, moxie, narrative poetry, nathaniel hawthorne, nightmares, ouzo, parappa the rappa, philip k dick, philip k. dick, photography, pigface, pinky and the brain, pretending to understand jazz, printmaking, procrastinating, pseudonyms, randomness, recovering from catholicism, red wine, road trips, roadside america, rocky and bullwinkle, sangre de toro, sarcasm, school buses, scotch, short short stories, skiing, soup, space ghost, space invaders, stanley kubrick, stoli vanil and vernors, team rocket, temporary autonomous zones, tequila, terry gilliam, tetanophobia, the birthday party, the bulbasaurs' private language, the central scrutinizer, the cramps, three-word haiku, throwing muses, thunder mountain, transformers, twin peaks, typefaces, urban legends, utility belts, utrecht, vogon poetry, walden, wax trax, wearing dresses, whiskey, white crow, words words words, zeitgeist, zines

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