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Ancient U.S. Empire

I just read about Egyptologists uncovering 5600-year-old remains of 7 bodies and other intact artifacts from Hierakonpolis, which back in 3600 BCE was apparently the largest city on the Nile. Which means it was probably, at the time, the greatest and largest city in all the world.

Hierakonpolis is now Kom El-Ahmar, or Kawm al-Ahmar, which I personally have never heard of.

Think about all the empires that have come before. Egypt and China and Persia and Rome and countless others had, at one point in time, the distinction of being the seat of the greatest power and learning and culture in all the world. How they have fallen! Some of them were little blips on the radar of time--lasting only a few hundred years!

I wonder in what new empire the children of the future will read about the rise and fall of the ancient empire of North America, the United States? At the peak of their brilliance, the inhabitants of Hierakonopolis surely thought their grandeur permanent.

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