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Avant-Garde Naps, Sushi, and more!

On Friday night, well_lahdidah I had a nice nap at the Power Center during the Emio Greco | PC Rimasto Orfano performance. European avant-garde dance! We actually heard other audience members talk about how the performance "really deconstructed the discourse of dance." What the fuck. Wearing hospital gowns and twitching deconstructs the discourse of dance? I think it was about death, or the moment before death, or something like that. Maybe it was about whatever was in Marcellus Wallace's briefcase. Who cares? I've seen some crazy dance performances that I liked, particularly Dairakudakan and the Lyon Opera Ballet, but how one Italian and one Dutchman managed to churn out 70 minutes of dull dull dull and call it Extremelism is beyond me.

Prof. Eric Scott Rabkin was sitting two seats ahead of me with his wife--I thought of mrrranda's visit to his office hours. It's a good story, but you should really hear it from her.

I rented a car for the weekend. Remember how I made fun of Hyundai Elantras last week? I am making fun of them again. I got a crummy car with spongy brakes that made weird whirring and whistling noises at freeway speeds, and the windshield wipers were garbage.

We were driving down to Eastern Market and I-94 was at a complete standstill so I hopped off at...Melvindale? If you asked me to list off all the Detroit suburbs, Melvindale would be the one I'd most likely forget and would most likely want to forget. It's Detroit's colon. Smells somewhat like Gary, Indiana. We somehow navigated through Melvindale into Mexicantown, and then past the wonderfully decrepit train station.

By the time we got to Eastern Market, everything was closed. I bought orange gumdrop candies at the Rocky Peanut Company and launched myself into a sugar orbit. I tried calling asdf, but I guess I have a pretty old number for him. I don't seem to have zillah's number at all.

We were hungry, so we decided to drive to Noble, a sushi bar I'd heard excellent things about. It's located in the back of an Asian grocery in Clawson at 14 and Main. I thought, mistakenly, that it was on 13 and Main. Google helped me find it: just text message 46645 "sushi clawson, mi" and they'll tell you where it is. well_lahdidah saw a Buick Roadmaster with Hawaiian plates in the parking lot, which was a good sign that the sushi would be quality.

Noble is very tiny, but very good. Some privileged white lady was there with her daughter. She was very impatient. She also wore a cell phone on the side of her head, hanging off her left ear, the entire time. She did actually get one call while we were there, from a friend of hers. We made fun of her. Boondocks basically made fun of her last week, too. I mean, why do you need to wear the thing on your head if you are in a restaurant stuffing your face with sushi? "Mmph, let me choke down this mackerel, okay let's talk real estate"?

The sushi was noticeably better than anyplace else I've been to in Michigan, although I found it more noticeable with the nigiri sushi.

I needed to fill the rental car with gas, so we stopped in Royal Oak and...the door to the gas cap wouldn't pop open. I mean, it would NOT open. Haha, funny! Let's see if we can make it back on a quarter-tank! We made it, but I was annoyed at Enterprise for giving me such a piece-of-junk. I blamed Angie; Jen always gives me free upgrades.

We went to erinar's art show at Henrietta Fahrenheit, where I saw vanillaknives, explosionbox, oktiger, Buckman, coldwaronwheels, muttcatt, firstlastalways, Nim, Chipp, and made a new friend, Logan.

Logan didn't care for me at first--I think he found my height intimidating. He and well_lahdidah were thick-as-thieves in no time, though, and she convinced him I was okay. I was impressed with his social skills. He used my name several times in conversation, and he even asked me if my watch was special, which it is, indeed indeed! I was charmed by the young man, who was only three years old, and could see the monsters much better than I could.

Later, I ate cheese-puffs and her Royal Highness well_lahdidah proclaimed that she had found the most delicious cheese-puff of them all. We theorized that we could make our own cheese-puffs out of packing peanuts and powdered cheese.

On Sunday, we'd planned to go to Snow's Sugarbush for the maple syrup festival, and perhaps later to Culvers in Okemos. However, I was pretty sure we couldn't make it there and back on one gallon of gas. The rental car was useless.

Instead, on Sunday I did my taxes.

I am so glad that I had to report my 98-cent qualifying dividend from my 1099-DIV. It's from the 3.6803 shares of CostCo stock I bought when I was drunk.

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