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I have put away childish things

Until this year, the earliest I have ever done my taxes was April 14th.

Now, in 2002, I avoid procrastination and complete them on April 10th. Surely, this is a turning point in my life, and from here on out I will be the mature, organized, and responsible adult that my parents were always sure I'd become!

And when I get my $11 check back from the feds days earlier than all the procrastinators, I will buy myself a cup of coffee down at Cafe Felix, or maybe a pitcher of Weinstephaner at the Rathskeller.

I also came to the astounding conclusion that Osric Publishing, publisher of White Crow, is not really a business venture, but a mere hobby. A money pit, really. Therefore there is no need for me to painfully reconstruct expense and revenue figures for a 1040 Schedule C.

Now I've become completely paranoid that the world will end in the morning, and the last thing I will have ever done will be to jot down my Michigan Telefile confirmation number. Woe is me!

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