Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Do you ever get drunk with closet Zionists?

I just hung out at Taco Night with B__ F______, and damn, does he get Zionist when he's drunk! I'm all for maintaining the independent state of Israel, but he wants to exterminate every Palestinian, nay, every Arab, because apparently they're all scum.

I probe him about this, and he admits that he knows some Arabs that are cool. "But, in general...."

Fuck "in general." Next is he going to tell me that all American Indians are drunks and that all African Americans are on crack and in jail and all Chicanos are lazy, etc.? What the hell?!?

And then we started talking about Quaddafi...oy, vey! Don't get me started!

So tell me again why all the people in the Middle East can't just be happy with what they've got, keep their fucking mouths shut, and live their puny lives like the rest of us do (and not shoot each other)?

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