Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Not so infinite, after all

After about 13 months, I have finally finished David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest. 981 pages, plus 96 pages of footnotes in excruciatingly small type. I can't say the end was particularly impressive, but what does a fantastic ending matter at that point?

I read some other books in the meantime. I was going to make a list of the books I read while reading Infinite Jest, but it didn't turn out to be an insanely long list, so it's not as funny as I'd hoped.

If I used strange phrases like "eliminated his map" or "howling fantods" or talk about the filmography of the late James O. Incandenza or how fascinating juvenile tennis academies might be, please forgive me.

I didn't even mean to read this book. I thought I was reading A Confederacy of Dunces. Some strange mix-up that was. Next up? Gravity's Rainbow and Crime and Punishment are the next books on my list. Maybe I'll take some time off to watch slapstick comedies instead.
Tags: books

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