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We can make sandwiches

A recent post by uterdic has reminded me that I've been telling the same story about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches over and over again:

When I lived in Utrecht (in The Netherlands) and attended Jenaplanschool Cleophas, a Dutch school, I discovered that the children there brought two sandwiches to school: a peanut butter sandwich, and a jelly sandwich. They looked at my combined peanut butter and jelly sandwich with, I believe, suspicion and distrust.

I understand that there are food combinations that people might find strange and unusual. But the kids were already scarfing down a peanut butter sandwich followed by a jelly sandwich. I mean, if the tastes were that incompatible, would you really want to eat them sequentially in your lunch? How could this simple combination appear so revolting to them?

Also, the tradition there was that a child, on his or her birthday, would bring in treats for the rest of the class. I wanted to share something from back home with them, so my mom baked chocolate chip cookies with Toll House semi-sweet morsels no doubt mailed to us from the other side of the Atlantic from friends back home. The children eyed these suspiciously as well and some did not even bother to sample the cookies. Fine--let them have their colorful licorice candies! More chocolate chip cookies for me.

I enjoyed the Dutch breatfast sandwiches of chocolate or multi-colored sugary sprinkles--hagelslaag--on buttered white bread. Of course, I never tried a fried herring sandwich from the downtown herring cart like my dad did. So who am I to point fingers?

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