Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Beer Delivery Service

I finally started my beer delivery service, as intended. I delivered a 6-pack (of home-brewed red ale) to explosionbox's apartment, but she wasn't home so I left it on the doorstep she shares with 9 other units. As long as someone drinks it, I guess that is okay.

On the way back home I saw well_lahdidah, who was standing outside oktiger's house. I decided they needed beer too, so I biked back home and got another 6-pack.

My beer delivery service will probably be short-lived, as it will soon be so cold that the bottles will freeze and explode upon contact with below-freezing temperatures. I still need to make deliveries to vanillaknives and squidder, and a separate delivery to well_lahdidah. Who else needs beer?
Tags: beer

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