Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Saturday Night, Saturday Night!

2:22am Saturday night, Sunday morning. I did not go out this evening.

I was supposed to take a Yazaki exchange employee, whose name is something like Kats or Kets or something like that, to a punk show at Flint Local 432, at Ben Flaster's request. But when I drove to Ypsi to pick him up he was not there. He had gone record shopping with Chuck Nagy. That's fine by me, at least someone is showing him America, right? Besides, some guy comes to visit all the way from Japan and Flaster thinks he should see Flint? I would think Flint would be one of the places we'd try hardest to hide, along with Saginaw.

So instead I am working on the next issue of White Crow, which is supposed to be done by Monday. In reality, it will probably take another month.

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