Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

A beautiful morning for acorn squash and puppet mittens

This morning I got off the bus at the Kerrytown Farmer's Market and shopped for squash. I bought two, an acorn squash and a green-and-white speckled squash, for a dollar apiece. I asked the girl at the market what the green-and-white speckled squash was called, but she didn't know. I will bake one tonight and smother it in butter and brown sugar, and this time I will toast the seeds properly and not burn them.

I had just missed the purple Link bus, so I walked through downtown to get to work. As I was crossing the Diag, I saw a girl wearing baby-blue mittens that had big felt googley eyes on them, and the thumbs were like jaws. Puppet mittens! Imagine the fun you could have with puppet mittens!

I gently touched her mittens and I said, "I am momentarily giddy, and do you know why? You have such wonderful mittens!" and we danced joyously and spun around and laughed and went on our merry ways.

Okay, that last part didn't really happen. I just walked on by--but I was smiling.

Maybe I will put eyeballs on the tips of my gloves, so that I can have monster puppet gloves with four eye-stalks.

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