Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

The Liskey Bus

The Liskey Bus showed up every day on the DALMAC bike tour. I don't know if that was the name of the family, or just the name painted on the side of the bus, but there was a woman with two (or three?) children and another older woman, probably grandmother to the children, who gave away cold water, lemonade, cookies, and fruit to the cyclists. Peaches or cantaloupe or watermelon, but always, always bananas.

One of her girls was eating a banana. "I can't get her to eat a banana any other time of year. But during the 4 days of DALMAC, she gobbles them up."

No one ever asked why they did it, but they certainly seemed to have a good time giving away food and drink. And we always thanked them profusely.

The Liskey Bus was not the only spot for free food. On the very first day we passed the Cookie House. Local women, mostly older, had all baked cookies and brownies and other treats and gave them away to the cyclists who stopped there. On the third day there was a church that was giving away fruit and cookies.

Also on the first day there wa a VFW hall that served up lunch. There was a nominal fee--$4 for lunch. They had a wide variety of home-cooked foods available. I had already eaten a cheeseburger at Wally's Ice Cream (full of classic pinball machines, so old they had mechanical displays for the score), but I wandered around the hall. They had a photo up of their founder, and his medals were displayed below. Most of the other photos in the hall were things like "DALMAC - 1997." 400 cyclists rolling through town looks like their big event for the year.

(All this effort spent in the name of giving and kindness and charity, but I wonder how much of that spills over into every day life. When the once-a-year event has passed, what happens then?)

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