Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Chassy says they're aliens

The sky was clear and I was staring up at the Pleiades to see how many I could count--in dreams, I don't need glasses. One of the Pleiades was moving. It was a shooting star! How beautiful, I thought, until it refused to burn out, getting closer and closer, more like a fireball than a tiny streak in the sky, emitting a horrible screaming sound as it tore through the sky.

It splashed down into the Huron River, which was also the ocean. It started to bubble from the heat around the point-of-entry.

I had to call someone--a geologist, an astronomer, someone!--and tell them about this amazing find. I started to wander back to the apartment when I ran into chassy.

"You'll never believe what just happened, a meteorite came down out of the Pleiades and splashed into the ocean!"

"The Pleiades aren't even visible this time of night. Those were fighter jets you saw, chasing the aliens."

I looked up and, sure enough, what I mistook for stars were closer now and clearly F-16s. "So the government already knows?" I was a little disappointed--I thought I'd been the first to witness this spectacular event. "They probably still need an eyewitness account."

Then a huge naval vessel pulled up in the river, captained by a man who looked very much like Ernest Hemingway. The swirl of fighter jets had turned into a swirl of whales, swimming a strange dance around the bubbling water.

"No, I doubt they need an eyewitness account. They've been waiting for this for years. Haven't you seen the news?" chassy showed my some news Web sites.

How frustrating! I thought I'd been the sole witness of a spectacular event, and instead it was anticipated by all.

(When I woke up, I thought, why is Star Trek IV haunting my subconcious?)

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