Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Dream: New Muppet Movie

I dreamt that I downloaded the movie trailer for the new Muppet movie at work. I was concerned about the volume--people down the hall would "tsk, tsk" as I waste time yet again.

It began with a jumbo jet in flight. Zoom in on the empty cockpit. Super-Grover, with short ratty red cape and helmet, busts down the cockpit door and rushes to the controls. "The controls are locked," he says. "Holy shit! We need the code!"

He is followed by Beeker, who is not a Muppet, but a heavily made-up Robin Williams. The hair, instead of shocking orange, is shocking white. He is impeccably dressed in a white suit that peaks out from underneath his white lab coat. His vocabulary, although it still contains a fair amount of "Mi-mi-mi-MI? Mi-mi-MI-mi-mi," seems to have improved markedly from his days under the thumb of Honeydew Bunson.

(He was followed by an unspecified Muppet. I can't for the life of my remember who. Piggy? Kermie? Gonzo? Fozzie? The cranky blue eagle? Waldorf? Out of all the things to forget!)

Super-Grover and Beeker confer. There's no cracking the code in time! "We'll just have to take it down as gently as we can."

I heard my co-workers grumbling, so I closed the trailer before it was done, and before they peeked into my office. Later, I couldn't find the URL, and none of my friends would believe me that such a trailer existed.
Tags: dreams, muppets

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