Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Help me go Krogering

I finally broke down and got a stupid Kroger Plus card, even though I know it is a moronic loyalty plan to make people feel like members of an exclusive shopping club, even though they are really paying normal grocery rates and non-members just get screwed.

I have been avoiding Kroger for years because I hate the stupid invasive Kroger Plus card (yes, I was an idiot and actually gave them my real name and address). I gave in because Kroger is the closest grocery store to my apartment, the food co-op notwithstanding, and without a working car, distance matters.

I would surely like it if you could all print out the barcode above at 300 DPI on a nice laser printer and scan it instead of your Kroger Plus card next time you go through the U-Scan lane at a Kroger store. I would like to show up in their database as someone who shops in 3 time zones simultaneously, and consumes hundreds of dollars in groceries daily.

Thank you for helping me go Krogering, for the best in everything--including the price and the data mining.

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