Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Bike trip: Ann Arbor to Lansing (and back again)

I finally did it. On Saturday, I rode my bike to my parents' house, just like I've been talking about for a year or more.

My route (Saturday):

  • Huron River Drive to North Territorial Road.
  • North Territorial Road to M-52.
  • M-52 to Roepke Road.
  • Roepke Road to Williams Road.
  • Williams Road to M-106.
  • M-106 to Dexter Trail.
  • Dexter Trail to Hagedorn Road.

North Territorial is very hilly, narrow, and there are a lot of curves. I don't think cars can see cyclists very far in advance, and I should probably look for an alternate if I decide to try this again.

Roepke Road wasn't paved, but it seemed like a smooth unpaved road--until the last quarter mile, where it was loose gravel. I should have stayed on M-52.

I got a hideous sunburn. It's going to be a peeler for sure.

I rode this approximately 60-mile route in 6 hours.

On Sunday I had company. My mom, dad, and my brother Ben and I met at one of my dad's friend's houses around Mason/Okemos and we rode from there with a group of 10 people. Most of them planned to ride to Ann Arbor, eat lunch at Zingerman's, and then ride back (a total of 120 miles in a day!).

My route (Sunday):

  • Every Road to Linn Road (I think).
  • Linn Road to Dietz Road.
  • Dietz Road to Swan Road.
  • Swan Road to M-52.
  • M-52 to M-106.
  • M-106 to Sheppard Road.
  • Sheppard Road to M-52.
  • M-52 to North Territorial Road.
  • North Territorial Road to Huron River Drive.

We rode this 60-mile route in 4-and-one-half hours. The wind was at our backs, but other than that I can't explain why I was so much slower on Saturday. It is nice to ride with other people, though.

I think that I am going to stop making fun of people with lycra cycling shorts. Those shorts look funny, but I guess they have padding so that you can actually tolerate sitting on a bike seat for hours at a time. My denim shorts were particularly good about showing off my sweaty ass, too.

I was certainly glad I didn't have to ride 60 more miles after downing a pound of Zingerman's pastrami like most of the group. I am currently resting, covered in aloe vera lotion.
Tags: biking

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