Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Flashback: January 1991

I have before me a People magazine, circa January 14, 1991.

Cover: Oprah's Vow: "I'll Never Diet Again"

An ad for new TEEN Spirit anti-perspirant, pre-Nevermind.

A review praising the maturity of Debbie Gibson's 3rd album (she was 20).

A 4-page ad for the new Commodore Amiga 500, a wonder of sight and sound, all for under $500.

2003 Academy-award winner Sofia Coppola is panned for her lousy acting in The Godfather, Part III, a role originally to be played by Winona Ryder, as the film's "main flaw."

Tom Cruise marries Nicole Kidman. They split 10 years later.

A Philips ad includes the Earth Light, which provides the lighting equivalent of a 75-Watt bulb for less than 20 Watts. Remember, it was cool to be environmentally friendly in 1991, the 20th anniversary of Earth Day coming up and all.

An article about the new contraceptive, Norplant.

An article about writer Charles Johnson (he wrote the excellent Oxherding Tale) that pictures him practicing kung fu, working out in his home gym (the walls lined with books), and playing chess with his son.

An article about architect Michael Reynolds, who created the Earthship design, an environmentally-friendly building design made from used tires packed with dirt. Includes the line "First he built a large meditation pyramid out of beer cans set in mortar." Also discusses large, expensive, celebrity-owned Earthships. (Remember, being an environmentalist was cool in 1991.)

An article about the people who really sang the Grammy-winning Milli Vanilli album.

Proctor & Gamble runs a 2-page ad for Luvs disposable diapers with prominent photos of...trees. Becase Luvs disposable diapers can be used in accelerated composting processes and used by nurseries. Tree nurseries, not baby nurseries. After all, being environmentally-friendly was cool in 1991.

Looking back, I think I kind of like 1991.

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