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Saturday bike ride

I went to East Lansing on Saturday morning to go on a bike ride with my mom and dad and a bunch of people my dad works with at the College of Veterinary Medicine. All of the folks on Saturday's ride are going to be riding the DALMAC with us this September, a 4-day bike tour from Lansing to Mackinaw.

We rode from MSU to Mason to Snow's Sugarbush and back again--about 40 miles total. My legs were fine, but I need to look into seat options and body geometry: my groin was going numb by the end of the ride, and my shoulders ached.

Snow's Sugarbush is a maple syrup/candy production facility with an attached restaurant open only during the Maple Syrup Festival. The restaurant was very simple: long picnic tables and a pancake/french toast/waffle buffet. They also had home-made sausages. Plastic plates, plastic flatware, and Styrofoam cups. The sign said "Take all you want, but eat all you take." The pancakes and waffles were crummy and undercooked--delivery devices for hot maple syrup only--but the sausages were good and I had about 20.

On the ride, I was amazed by how loud the frogs were in the various ponds and swamps we passed. Maybe they just seemed so much louder because there were no competing sounds (other than some birds). I wanted to stop and call people on my mobile phone and say, "Listen--frogs!" but I knew I wouldn't be able to get a signal in red barn country.

I didn't realize that my mom would be riding the DALMAC too. She brought up the rear of Saturday's group on her rattling old 5-speed, while young guys with thick legs sped along on $2000 road bikes. She might not be fast, but she'll do just fine.
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