Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Saint Peter's Chains

In 1990 I went on a month-long trip to Europe with a group of high school students from Michigan as a participant in the People to People Student Ambassadors program.

We visited the Basilica of Saint Peter in Chains in Rome. A holy relic is displayed there: the chains that bound Saint Peter when he was bound in Jerusalem and when he was bound in Rome. These were originally two sets of chains, but when the two sets were brought together they--supposedly--miraculously fused together.

When I walked in front of the holy relic, by the altar, my nose spontaneously started bleeding profusely.

I left the church immediately. I was shaken up. A spooky coincidence, to be sure, and probably one of the earlier moments in my life when I suspected I was not one of God's children.

Maybe I'm making that last part up. Maybe I just thought it was a funny coincidence at the time and only later took it as a sign when my personality grew more morbid. I have no idea anymore. It's all so long ago, and at this point it hardly seems to have anything to do with me. Just another story to tell.
Tags: italy, omens, rome

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