Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

gentrify the trailer park

I've been joking about trailer parks a lot lately. My friend bobbyshaftoe's band needs a practice space, so I recommended a $12,000 single-wide in a park in Whitmore Lake. Spend some money on soundproofing, I said, and then rock out.

Later I mused that if I were to live in a trailer park, I could finally get me one of them Cadillac Escalades with spinning rims with all the money I'd save on rent.

beninem had an interesting comment: could gentrification take hold in a trailer park? If young artsy types started moving to a Whitmore Lake trailer park en masse, could we drive up lot rent? Would consignment clothing boutiques open next door? Would Starbucks open up a double-wide?

All I can say is: you first, young pioneers! You have nothing to lose but your pride. And possibly your possessions to tornados.

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