Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

is ZERO dead?

The February ZERO meeting (Zine Exchange and Recycling Organization) was today and a whopping three people showed up. (Meetings had better attendance when we hung fliers around town, but who has time to do that? C'mon, people, check your e-mail.)

I did check out a local zine called Geek Monthly. I wonder if RJ would like it. The guys that write for it are definitely media-geek culture-sponges, like RJ, but which a very specific bent (it seems) towards Horror and gore and, generally, that which is low-brow. And that's not RJ.

On a side note, Cafe Zola has lapsang souchong, the tea-with-the-smoky-flavor-not-unlike-mescal. Yum.
Tags: zines

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