Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

I think I took a wrong turn in Albuquerque

I've been itching to explore the fabled I-275 bike path that supposedly runs from Novi to Monroe. On Sunday morning, flastron put my bike in the back of his awesome $200 VW Rabbit GTI and dropped me off at the Home Depot on Ford Rd. in Westland. From there, it was easy to pick up the bike path. I decided to go north.

The path appeared to be a little out-of-use in spots, but all-in-all it was pretty nice. I saw only two other cyclists and one pedestrian until I got to Plymouth. At Plymouth, the path cuts under I-275 and connects to something called Hines Park (see map).

Hines Park is a series of interconnected parks that runs along a branch of the River Rouge. Bikes lanes on the street and a bike/pedestrian path off to the side. Baseball diamonds, picnic tables, disc golf, and wide open spaces. Who knew that this was in Wayne County? And right by my old apartment in Plymouth. If I'd only known back then, I might not have hated Plymouth so much.

I rode up to Northville, where the trail ended (at around 7 Mile). I decided to ride up to 8 Mile (which in Northville is mysteriously called "Base Line Road") and cut east to pick up the I-275 path again. The only thing weird about the I-275 path is the noise from the freeway.

I meant to go straight back to Westland. The I-275 path and the Hines Park path are the same for a ways, and I somehow missed my turn. I rode and rode and rode and thought, you know, this doesn't look familiar. But it was a beautiful park, so I kept going. I passed under some familiar street names--Merriman, Middlebelt, US-24--but didn't think much of it. When I got to Outer Drive I stopped and called flastron.

"Dude, I'm at the intersection of Hines and Outer Drives. Where the heck am I?"

It turns out I was almost in Detroit proper. I took Outer Drive to Ford Rd. and rode back through Dearborn Heights and Garden City to flastron's place in Westland.
The whole trip took about 4 hours. It was fun. I had no idea there was anything like this in Wayne County. I think there is a lot of potential here.
Tags: bicycle, biking

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