Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Dream: Birthday in Baghdad

Last night I ate a bacon vegetarian cheeseburger. That is, a vegetarian burger with real pork bacon on it. That's probably what inspired...

A dream: Dug Song invited me to his birthday party in Baghdad, Iraq. Flights to Kuwait City were really cheap, and from there I could rent a mid-size sedan and drive.

It sounded like a real adventure, although several of my friends cautioned me that it might be dangerous to be an American civilian in Iraq. Dug sent me a laminated map of Iraq with the highway route highlighted. There were no place names on the map.

I was going to buy my ticket, but I discovered that my passport expired in 2002. It should have been good through 2007. Sorry, Dug. Looks like I can't go.
Tags: dreams

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