Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Guerrilla Cheese at Immedia

We (Mrrranda and Ben and I) invaded the Immedia opening tonight with our Guerrilla Cheese madness. We served up 115 sandwiches (that's 230 half-sandwich servings) to those in attendance.

Some of those in attendance remembered Guerrilla Cheese from Hash Bash three years ago, when Mrrranda and I (with Nim's help) served up cheese sandwiches to all sorts of drunk and stoned people. I am delighted and shocked that their brain cells still retain such memories.

We served: plain grilled cheese sandwiches, grilled cheese with banana peppers, grilled cheese with Clancy's Fancy, grilled cheese with jalapenos, and grilled cheese with chopped garlic. After plain, Clancy's Fancy was the most popular. Garlic was the least popular, much to Ben's dismay.

I bought a $10 army surplus jacket so I would look more guerrilla. I like it more than I should. Hooray for creepy paramilitary!

At some point a couple of really cheesy marketing ladies from Red Bull (not the web site you'd expect from them) showed up and set up shop next to us, giving out Red Bull. I was sort of afraid that people would think we were part of Red Bull marketing, or that we were advertising Clancy's Fancy...but I think most people actually got the idea that we just wanted to give away sandwiches, free of charge.

Hell, yeah. Maybe there is hope for humanity.

Anyhow, I got a tremendous kick out of it. I had a blast. Here's the damage:

Paper plates: $5.25
American cheese: $15.00
White bread: $7.92
Jalapenos: $1.29
Clancy's Fancy: $6.99
Margarine: already had it
Banana peppers: already had them
Garlic: not sure
Napkins: not sure

And, okay, I had to buy the griddle, but I wanted one anyway. So maybe I spent $ was worth it. 230 servings of Guerrilla Cheese!

Thanks, of course, to 6rady Clark, who invented Guerrilla Cheese, and to Bianca's Smut Shack, who inspired 6rady (so far as I know).
Tags: grilled cheese, immedia

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