Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Arbor Day Bus Trip

We took a camping trip up north on the Red Bus last weekend. In attendance were mrrranda, flastron, chassy, jdsalmon, Ami & Byron, and myself.

  • It was cold. mrrranda said the thermometer read 31 degrees at one point. I was wearing five layers. I've never slept with gloves on before. Brrr!
  • We met Earv, the neighbor. He said he got into a fight with his dad in 1975. His dad had a piece of pipe and he had a 2x6. Earv won, and had to live in the garage, and ate cattail pancakes with juniper berries, and porcupine. He kept his cigarettes underneath his hard hat, and admitted to mixing corn silk and maple leaves into his rolling tobacco to make it last longer in his leaner days.
  • We planted 211 trees. 100 red pine, 100 white spruce, 1 Black Hills spruce, and 10 unidentified flowering trees that The Arbor Day Foundation sent me.
  • We saw an amazing night sky. Without the moon or clouds or city lights, the sky was dazzling. jdsalmon was spotting satellites, and mrrranda saw a meteorite.

jdsalmon is a pretty good guitar player, and although he says he can't sing, I thought he sounded a little like Jim Morrison. I think he should have played more songs--it was one of the few times when he wasn't interjecting random crude comments. Not that he was the only one interjecting random crude comments, mind you....
Tags: hoot owl manor

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