Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

my apartment reeks of drano and rum

Facial hair progression:

"I can't believe the only Gosling's Black Seal Rum they have at Meijer is in plastic bottles," said cherdt.

"What's wrong with plastic bottles?" said mrrranda. "It's the best rum here. Who cares what bottle it comes in?"

"I don't know," cherdt said. "I think it makes it tastes like plastic."

"Do you really believe that?"

"I don't know. It's not very classy, I know that." cherdt reached instead for an $11.49 fifth of Bacardi Select in a glass bottle.

Once at home, cherdt poured half a bottle of Drano into the bathroom sink, undoubtedly clogged with what had been facial hair. The directions said to leave it sit for 30 minutes. The house quickly started to reek of lye. The cats, Mr. Friendly and Fatty McFatFat hid under the bed.

Later he was putting away the groceries. He placed the bottle of rum too close to the edge of the narrow countertop, and as he swung back from the refrigerator he knocked it to the floor. It shattered and rum spilled everywhere.

cherdt cursed a lot. He picked up the broken glass and took it out to the trash. Upon reentering the apartment, he was overwhelmed with the combined odors of Drano and rum. If only he had listened to mrrranda and bought the Gosling's in the plastic bottle!

Two lessons learned:
  • Heed mrrranda's suggestions.
  • Buy booze in plastic whenever possible.

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