Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

last night i dreamt of ghouls

Last night I dreamt that Mrrranda and I were in my parents' garage. There were no cars parked inside, but it was cluttered. Mrrranda and I hurriedly smeared a thick white paste onto five sheets of black and red construction paper and placed them around the room.

There was a flash of light and much black smoke, and the first sheet of construction paper with paste had turned into a gray ghoulish creature. Mrrranda attacked it repeatedly with a knife, and then told me to spray it with scalding hot water from the garden hose. I turned on the hose and started spraying the injured ghoul. It took a minute for the water to warm up, but once the water was hot the ghoul started screaming and disgorging its entrails. Each one of the organs that slipped out of the ghoul was exactly like every other one: it was filled with stomachs.

After we had successfully destroyed the first ghoul, all the other pieces of construction paper and paste exploded into ghouls, and we similarly attacked and destroyed those. Thankfully, Mrrranda was quick with the knife, and the water was already scalding hot.

When I awoke, I asked myself: why the urgency to smear the paste onto five separate sheets of construction paper? What would have happened if we had left all of the evil paste (for it was surely evil) in one container?

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