Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

I love avatars

Chat sites that I know of that make use of avatars (this note is mostly for laszlo and yammykins):
  • Habbo Hotel
  • Coke Music
  • The Palace

  • Last night I logged on to The Palace for the first time. The avatars aren't necessarily humanoid, and they don't walk like habbos do. You just click a different area of the screen and they disappear from one place and reappear in the other. People change their avatars constantly, too.

    But after wandering through a fireplace in one room and entering an inferno, I found some rooms with more sedate people. I started up a conversation with Rockman EXE, who seemed to know even more about Pokemon than I do.

    He gave me a new avatar so that I looked like the young Batman from Batman Beyond. He was very articulate and friendly. And after a while it came up in conversation that he is 11-years-old and live in Britain, was up at 5:30am and had to go to school in a few hours.

    You're pulling my leg, right Rockman?

    He explained that there are a lot of kids on The Palace, but most of them are "whassup d00ds," which Rockman EXE disdains.

    I had forgotten how articulate 11-year-olds can be. That must be part of the appeal of these chats for someone like Rockman EXE. No one will judge him by size, age, or looks.

(My computer ain't bad-ass enuff to play reindeer games.)

Anyone know of any others? I love avatars. Habbo and Coke Music are both pretty cool, but both seem to be for kids.
Tags: avatars, habbo, virtual worlds

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