August 17th, 2018

S24O - Sub 24-hour Overnighter

Apparently that's a trend now: camping trips that take less than a day.

Anyway, inspired by a co-worker who biked to Duluth this week, I decided I needed to bike somewhere too. It was time to load up my bike with tent and sleeping bag and head back to the Carver Park Reserve and find the bike camping site.

I left on Wednesday night at about 7 P.M. Although I made very good time, sunset was around 8:30 P.M. and soon I found myself riding in the dark, under a canopy of trees, with just a sliver of a moon. I have lights on my bike, but they are really intended to help other people see me, not to help me see the trail.

And I had my sunglasses with me but not my regular glasses, so I got lots of gnats in my eyes. What a weird way for a gnat to die. You're just flying along, and then splat: a giant eye hits you.

In the darkness, I saw a large shadow cross the trail. A dog? A deer? A wolf? An axe-murderer? A mountain lion? Bigfoot?

I finally got to the turn off the main Minnetonka LRT trail to the Carver Park Reserve. It had an eerie feel in the dark, like I was the only person on this slightly strange planet. And then, around a blind curve, 2 other cyclists riding 2-abreast come careening at me. "Sorry!" one of them said.

Signs that in broad daylight would be hard to miss were suddenly inconspicuous, and I had to stop at every fork and see which way I needed to go.

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