July 1st, 2010

Outgoing Answering Machine Message, Summer 1996

The following was the outgoing answering machine message for 912 E. Ann Street for just under a week in 1996 (apparently, no one was interested in listening to a 60-second rap just to leave us a message):

You've reached 996-8466
Just down the hill 'cross the River Styx
And that's right--cuz we be bad as hell
Listen up close cuz I'm here to tell
You who we are--and that's the name of the game
It's a house, 3 guys and a dame
You've reached Chris, Hans, Sunil, and Heather
And we're not here to talk about the weather
Cuz we're cool--so don't play us like fools
Listen close, 'cuz these are the rules:
Leave a message. Leave it at the beep (yo)
Make it short, but don't be a creep:
Leave your name. Leave your number too.
If you're lucky we'll get back to you,
Because we're busy (yeah) we're busy like bees
We work hard and we aim to please
We're not home--we're pro'ly at work
Makin' books or as a retail clerk at Arbor Drugs
Or maybe engineering sound
And if you're looking for sound, here's where it's found:
Sunil's pager. It's 1-800-SKY-PAGE.
You don't need the wisdom of a sage to make it work
But there's a PIN number too--and that's 249-5962
And that's it. That's all we've got to say.
So leave a message, and have a nice day.