November 15th, 2007

How do I know...

Top 10 Google Suggest results for "How do I know":
  1. how do i know if im pregnant
  2. how do i know if he likes me
  3. how do i know im pregnant
  4. how do i know if a girl likes me
  5. how do i know if he loves me
  6. how do i know if she likes me
  7. how do i know if i'm pregnant
  8. how do i know if my dog is pregnant
  9. how do i know if he likes me
  10. how do i know if i have herpes

Let's cut through the 59,000,000 or so search results. I've got your answers right here:
  1. OTC test from your local drug store or supermarket, or see a physician.
  2. Ask him. Or try the magic eight ball.
  3. See #1
  4. You can ask her, but she doesn't.
  5. Love? Don't even ask me about love.
  6. See #4
  7. Nice use of the apostrophe. You might be smarter than the average answer-seeker. You probably already know the score, but you're just hoping it's wrong. Sorry.
  8. If you have a boy dog, it probably isn't. Stop watching Junior. If it's a girl dog, dude, you got me there. Take her to a veterinarian.
  9. See #2
  10. I'm disappointed in you. Also, to answer your next question, see #5.