August 19th, 2007

Racial weight of images in Wine Spectator

I decided to double-check the images in Wine Spectator, just to reassure myself I wasn't crazy. Here are the results from the 6 issues I pulled out of our recycling bin:
WhiteBlackAsianLatino/aIndianAndroidAmbiguousTotal% whiteb/w %
15 May 2007110120200512985%11%
31 May 200713472301415189%5%
15 Jun 200718320330219196%1%
30 Jun 20079640010110492%4%
31 Jul 200712002100312695%0%
30 Sep 200711830000412594%3%

4% black/white is a lot higher than the 1% I'd estimated, but the figure is still unimpressive.

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(well_lahdidah says I have spent entirely too much time thinking about this and typing it up. She went to the gym and burned 300 calories while I've been sitting here.)