March 15th, 2007

GMail Ads for Steampunk Roleplaying?

I just saw an ad in GMail:
"Steam punk - - Perfect for Steampunk Costumes and Role Playing"

It sent me here, to the Gentleman's Emporium:

Notice the query-string tacked on at the end. Source? Google. Campaign? Steampunk.

The site mentions nothing at all about steampunk. I think it is interesting that such a niche market wants to market to a presumably even smaller niche market, but without, you know, steam-punkn' up the place for other old-timey visitors.

Imagine all the other ad campaigns you could run. A medical instrument site could run an ad campaign for stoners, sending them directly to their hemostat clips. A seller of volatile fluids, like spray-on Right Guard, could market itself to people building spud launchers. A seller of metal pipe could market itself to builders of geodesic dome tents. All without putting off their usual clients!