April 21st, 2005

Double-hyphenated Surnames

I'm doing some thrilling work right now--making lots of minute adjustments to FileMaker layouts so that each record will print out on a single page. While scrolling through records to see if the majority of fields are large enough to display the data, I noticed that the surname field was too short. Why? Because there are numerous double hyphenated surnames, e.g.:
  • Rasmussen-Baltzell-Skelding
  • Sikorsky-Williamson-Ortega
  • Schmidt-Juzwiak-Matterlink

I think that's getting out-of-hand. People, shorten your names so that they fit into my database layout template, please!

Enrique Chagoya

The building I work in has a lot of great art up in the hallways and in various meeting rooms. One that I particularly like is Enrique Chagoya's El Regreso del Cannibal Macrobiotic (The Return of the Macrobiotic Cannibal), which is hiding, for some reason, in a small conference room, room 2733. There were 30 codices printed in this limited edition, and at least two are in Michigan, one here and one at Kresge Art Museum at MSU.

The only images I can find of that particular work online are these bits and pieces, but here are better images of some of his other work.