December 16th, 2004

One of my most hated words: blog

I just saw Merriam-Webster's top words of 2004, ranked by the number of times users looked up the word.

#1 is something that you are looking at right now: Blog.

I hate "blog." It is an ugly, clunky word. You know, people used to post personal and/or irrelevant thoughts, accompanied by links, on the Internet in the way-back. They were called home pages, or personal Web sites. I suppose those terms aren't as pithy. Still, I'd defenestrate blog, if I could.

Other noteworthy words in the top 10:
  • For mrrranda: cicada.

  • For actionchrist: peloton.

    The bologna printer

    I almost forgot: possibly inspired flastron's inquiry yesterday, as to whether or not a book or magazine could be printed on toilet paper so that the pages could be "reused" after they'd been read, a dream:

    Someone was trying to sell me a printer that would transfer an image, using soy ink, onto slices of bologna. I wasn't buying it. "What if you're not a fast reader? Think of the smell! Besides, too much salty-soy taste on an already sodium-laden bologna slice wouldn't be very appetizing."