October 11th, 2004

Thanks for the aches, Hazel Park!

This weekend I rode my bike to a Burning Man Decompression party in Warren, a 50-mile trip each way.

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There was a fabulous office building at 19111 10 Mile Rd., in Southfield I think, that looks like 1969's vision of the future.

I can't say I entirely recommend 10 Mile Rd. for bike rides. There were jarring potholes in every suburb, but Hazel Park was the worst of all. My shoulders ache today, and I blame the Hazel Park Road Commission (if they have one).

Only one person yelled at me to ride on the sidewalk, and it was a gold-chain-on-the-outside-of-a-sports-jersey-wearing pedestrian.

A couple high school kids on bikes asked me if I wanted to race them. I didn't reply, but if they had any chance of catching up to me I would have been glad to race them.

The party was very nice and I met a lot of people with two sets of names, e.g. Zorch/Kurt, Sputnik/Doug (or was it Dan?), Cooky/Cynthia. I saw The Black Plague, a black school bus with a 12-person hot tub in the back--I did not experience nearly as much bus envy as I thought I might. I saw nearly all the old U.S. Potsal Service crew--a couple of them I hadn't seen in over a year.

I drank too much because I was only keeping track of my hard liquor consumption, and somehow the beers I guzzled didn't make my mental tally, so I was feeling my best when I finally started back at noon on Sunday.