July 6th, 2004

Old Enough to Know Better

You would think by now I would know enough to keep out of the way of illegal fireworks.

I almost never wear my glasses, although fortunately on Saturday night I had them on. They flew off my face, and when jdsalmon found them for me on the lawn, one lens was covered in soot. My eye was dripping like a faucet and it stung badly. I realized I could still see out of it, though, so I was not in a complete panic.

I was ushered into the house and I tried to flush any debris out with water. Then I sat on the lawn, far away from the pyrotechnics, as I anesthetized myself with another pint.

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It's okay now--it just looks like I got punched.

Outside the Box

When I got home last night, I told mrrranda to put a shirt on so we could go out and watch the hundreds of fireflies flickering in the park.

They were magical, as always. There is magic in the world, but it is in things like a dreamy spring day filled with the soft snow of cottonwood seeds, or a park at dusk filled with mysterious and incomprehensible glowing messages from insects.

The mosquitoes were out too, of course. I told Mrrranda that it is nice that the glowing bugs do not bite and that the biting bugs do not glow, or else the one would be hard to appreciate, and the other hard to smack into oblivion.

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