June 22nd, 2004

What does your office decor say about you?

People at work keep asking me when I'm going to decorate my office. "Too much blank wall--you need a Kandinsky print."

I mean, they are really persistent about pestering me on this point:
"When are you going to put up some decorations?"
"I don't want to walk by here again and see this plain old office."
"Don't you have any posters at home?"

I was confused at first. Now I realize that, since I am new and they know virtually nothing about me, they need me to put up decor so they can: one, have something to converse with me about, and two, have a way to categorize me based on my taste in office decor.

It is tempting to change nothing at all, just to keep them guessing. But on the other hand, I'm wondering if this isn't perhaps the perfect time and place to display Latchhook Mao...?