July 18th, 2003

No Gallup Park Party

I was going to reserve a pavilion at Gallup Park for mrrranda's birthday, August 9th.

However, when I called the parks department, they said all the pavilions are booked solid every weekend from now through September and have been for quite some time.

If anyone has other fabulous party ideas, let me know.

Whole Foods is creepy

Last night, mrrranda and I went to Whole Foods. It was creepy.

All of the employees were genuinely helpful and friendly. The customer service desk spotted us with the empty 5-gallon water containers and told us to set them down and she would take care of it. Then she gave us the deposit back in cash. The guy in the meat department was very polite as well.

We looked confused for a half-second, and suddenly an employee was escorting us to the correct aisle. She couldn't find what we were looking for, so she paged someone on the phone and waited on him to arrive. He explained that they don't stock what we were looking for, but then took us to another aisle and handed us a suitable alternative.

I was frightened. I practically ran out of the store after we paid the terribly friendly cashier. It was like some kind of nightmare.