March 28th, 2003

I believe in nothing

It seems like everyone I know has a vehement opinion about the US & British military action against Iraq. Nobody is sitting on the fence for this one. You're either for or against, in a big way. Zero or ten. Maybe your outrage goes up to eleven.

I would like to quote Gordon Jackson when I say "I watch Al-Jazeera on satellite but turn the sound off and listen to NPR. I have no idea what the fuck is happening."

I would like to quote that one dude with the phone when I say "[the Iraqi people] better get fed. They better get totally chubby. I want a fuckin' five-mile-long buffet for those kids--and I want that buffet to be permanent."

I don't know what to think anymore. I've been bombarded with so many contrary opinions that nothing makes sense. How is it that everyone else is so sure? How can you tell the truth from the lies?

Embarrassed, but smiling

Yesterday at lunch, the maître d' at Champion House paused and gave me a funny look. In a hurried and embarrassed voice she said, "You look nice in blue."

I think Champion House is my new favorite restaurant.

How to prepare weevils

Last night justinbailey stopped by for drinks and dinner. I decided to make a pizza.

I opened the little blue box of Jiffy pizza mix (it's made in Chelsea, Mich., you know) and discovered that it had been invaded by weevils. mrrranda was all for proceeding, weevils and all, but I nixed that idea for two reasons:
  1. It is impolite to serve weevils to guests.
  2. justinbailey is a vegetarian.
I know a thing or two about cooking, I thought. I'll just make pizza dough from scratch. I opened a bag of flour and...more weevils.

Fortunately we had another bag of flour that was not weevil-infested and we managed to make a decent pizza.