February 28th, 2003

I think he's gonna jump!

My youngest brother, Ben Herdt, took 6th place on the 1-meter springboard at the Men's Big 10 Swimming & Diving Championship yesterday.

There are two more days of diving. If anyone would like to come out and see some of this, I would recommend the 10-meter platform preliminaries this Saturday at 1:00 p.m. (the swimming starts at noon).

Why the 10-meter? Because that's over 30 feet. It's insane! Why the preliminaries? Because it's cheaper ($4, I think) and because you get to see more divers. You get to see both the really excellent divers as well as a few divers that may not have any business leaping off a 10-meter platform.

Today and tonight is the 3-meter springboard competition. By the time this is over and one with, I'll probably be able to explain how the judges score various dives, which right now is a bit confusing.