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Tuesday, February 18th, 2003

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Made-for-TV war
We have a Texan in the Oval Office. Naturally, it's time for a good ol'-fashioned shoot-out, a la John Wayne.

On CNN it's called Showdown: Iraq. On TV, CNN runs short, splashy animations that say "We'll be right back with Showdown: Iraq." Do they also say "After these messages" or did I just imagine that?

Is this a Sunday afternoon movie? The media is hyping war like a commodity. War has become just another commodity. And now that Joe Millionaire is over, the people are ready for the next big television extravaganza.

If this is all just a Sunday afternoon Western, I'd like to see George W Bush and the evildoer of his choice (probably Saddam Hussein) standing on a dusty street in Stetson hats, with a couple of loaded six-shooters. Ivory-handled Colt .45s, maybe. Scratch that, Hussein should have a foreign gun. Probably a Soviet Tokarev, like a TT33.

Could the media arrange that? Think of the ratings.

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