August 29th, 2002

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We're in New Orleans. Ate some Cajun and Creole. Flaster got trashed. I was disappointed with Bourbon Street's lack of class. We went to a live sex show. Jim, who we have funded this whole trip, spent $260 for just a lap dance. We went to Cafe du Monde. We went to Whirling Dervish, a goth bar. It was dead on a Wednesday. At around 3am we took a cab back to the RV park.

We're staying again today for a cemetery tour and maybe a jazz show at Preservation Hall.

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Tonight is our last night here in New Orleans, and everyone but me wanted to go back to camp at 11pm. Losers. I'd finally felt like I found a cool part of town, more locals than yahoos, and everyone wants to get to sleep early?!?

I would have stayed out myself if cab fare to the RV park wasn't prohibitively expensive.