August 23rd, 2002

Leaving for Mexico

The group is leaving for Mexico tomorrow morning at 8:00am.

In addition to my own self, the voyagers include:
  • Ben Flaster
  • Chassy Cleland
  • Jim Yuells
  • Ami Sommariva
  • Byron Gerlach

I will try to post to LiveJournal occasionally from my web phone, but I have no idea if I have wireless data access once I'm on the GSM network.

Ann Arbor 2002 Shopping Cart Race

I forgot to mention Tuesday's Shopping Cart Race, which I believe was Ann Arbor's 5th annual shopping cart race.

mrrranda thinks that she and I came in first in the non-modified cart division. (I say, there were divisions? There are winners?)

I was totally paranoid about the fuzz writing me a ticket, but it all turned out okay.

Chassy, who decorated the cart with us and devised the sweet LED-based flames on the tiki torches, took lots of photos.