May 28th, 2002

my body aches

Chassy, Flaster and I spent Saturday and Sunday helping my friend Jim put a new roof on his house. His house is on Turner, near McNichols (6 Mile) and Livernois. He bought it with a couple of his friends for $16,000, and this weekend it became very clear to me why it was so cheap: lots of rotten wood.

Ben and I had planned on going to see Ritchie Hawtin spin at City Club from 11:00pm Sunday night to noon on Monday, especially since we had successfully navigated a weekend filled with drinking and waking up at 6:00am the next morning (such as nerdtech's b-day party Saturday night).

However, after falling asleep while watching Forbidden Planet, Ben and I decided there was no way we could possibly stay awake even long enough to drive back to Detroit.

I am exhausted. And we didn't even come close to finishing the roof, which is too bad, since Jim is terribly afraid of heights.