Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Google Hangouts

Before this week, the only time I'd used Google Hangouts was with my co-workers, and only then while we were in the same room, just testing it out.

This week, I was in 2 Google Hangouts. Monday with my mom and dad, and my brother and his girlfriend. Lansing, Laramie, and Philadelphia connected. Yesterday with Bernie and his friend Patricia, where we also attempted some screensharing and remote Java debugging. Detroit, D.C., and Philadelphia, connected.

Telepresence is the concept that someone can feel nearby even when they are far away. Maybe it's how close the camera was to his face, but it very nearly felt like Bernie was here. (Thankfully there's no smellepresence, am I right? Zing!)

I've also done video calls before, but usually just with one other party. It was interesting to see the conversation dynamic when more people are around. It really did feel like hanging out.
Tags: telepresence

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