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Black-not-quite-Russians and freestylin' Boggle

Last night Flaster and I went to a party at the home of some former Lutherites over on Ann Street. I was wearing a pair of ski goggles. I'd already had a couple beers before we arrived, so I was joking that they were my beer goggles.

There was a guy there named Deion who thought the goggles were really cool, but informed me that the hip-hop artists wore their goggles off to the side a little, and adjusted them for me to increase my "cool."

He and his friend Ricardo tried to mix black russians, but they didn't know what went into the drink, so they had mixed kahlua and rum. They had a Sony minidisc player and were excited to have Flaster and me listen to a beat they had created using a Playstation game.

Ricardo then whipped out a small spiral-bound notebook and told me to listen to the beat again while reading the lyrics he'd written. Apparently thrilled to have found a receptive audience, he proceeded to tell me that most modern rappers are just yappers, yapping on about cash, money, bling, diamonds, platinum, rides, and women. He wants to hear raps that come from true experience, and cited as his major lyrical influences Matchbox 20, Sarah McLaughlan, and The Goo Goo Dolls.

Then he proceeded to talk Deion into beat-boxing while he freestyled. All of this was happening in the kitchen. In the living room, people were playing a high-energy game of Boggle.

Flaster and I, amused by the spontaneous rapping, rushed off to The Blind Pig to see if we could catch Binary Star, but the show was completely sold out.

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