Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

You know, that spring on the wall behind a door, that goes BROIIIING!

mrrranda and I went to the Slusser Gallery on North Campus last night to see an art show called What's The Use?.

We had gone specifically to see Chrysanne Stathacos' Wish Machines, but after I was them I wasn't particularly impressed.

But a guy named Ken Butler gave a performance on instruments that he had constructed himself.

He played a one-string instrument made out of a golf club that sounded at times like a slide guitar and at times like a sitar. He played a two or three string guitar made out of a small metal snow shovel.

He banged on all the instruments for percussive sounds and ran them through some kind of delay/loop pedal so he could accompany himself.

One of his instruments, fashioned from a tennis or racquetball racket, a hockey stick, a plastic comb, and other oddities, included one of those heavy springs that is affixed to the wall behind doors, so that you don't bang the doorknob into the wall. They make a great sproingy-boingy sound. He had one of those on this instrument!

He was also played an amazing bit on an un-inflated balloon, which Frank Pahl said sounded amazingly like a trumpet.

It was fantastic. It made me happy. It also made lots of little kids happy who were dancing and asking why that kooky man was playing music on...a toothbrush guitar/violin.

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