Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Spice Terminal closing

I just discovered that The Spice Terminal is closing! Their last day is January 29th, but they are still almost entirely cleared out. The signs say, "Thanks for 30 years of business."

I thought they were supposed to be moving to another location within the Reading Terminal Market, but I guess that didn't work out.

The Spice Terminal bought spices in large bulk quantities and then portioned them out into small plastic bags. It was much less expensive, and it most cases, much higher quality that the stuff you'd find in a grocery store. The cayenne pepper was so red, the black peppercorns so piquant! They had several varieties of black peppercorn. The Tellicherry, in particular, is a great peppercorn. Need something a little unusual, like filé powder for a proper gumbo? No problem, they've got it.

It was also our source for loose, whole-leaf tea. They stored it in glass containers, even though it should be stored in the dark, but I figured they turned it over so fast it didn't matter. It's the only place in town, that I know of, where you don't feel gouged and/or guilty for buying a half-pound of Darjeeling. (I know what you're saying: First flush Darjeeling? Second flush? Autumnal flush? Thing is: though I can differentiate a Keemun from an Assam, I'm not that much of a connoisseur.)

The people that worked there were always surly, but after a few visits you realized they were always surly: nothing against you, personally, just what working in a crowded market/tourist destination day-in, day-out can do to a person. The old Amish ladies seem immune and have smiles to spare, but I understand how the Terminal Market could grumpify a normal person.

What am I going to do for tea?! This is tragic!
Tags: philadelphia, reading terminal market, tea

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