Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

half gallon of beer, a lot of cheese...sounds like a recipe for dancing!

After a quart of Grizzly Peak beer and too much cheese, chassy and Eric and I wandered down to Necto last night. DJ Colette came on at about 12:30am.

I had a couple more cervezas, until I was a bottle short of a half gallon for the evening. Maybe that's too much beer and cheese for dancing, I dunno.

We danced some, but the music was far less interesting than the Amon Tobin show last week. Not a lot of tempo changes, and DJ Colette would sing over some tracks, which reminded me of some bad British techno CDs I had that sampled Gloria Estefan extensively. (What is I'm no good with the subgenres. Mind if I just refer to everything as techno?)

The crowd was definitely giving off a lot of "I'm so cool" attitude, which metallikop said is due to a lot of club kids coming in from the Detroit area, now that Motor is closed. I was hoping to run into laszlo, because he counteracts all bad vibes. I did run into quada, but I think he was busy with the ladies.

Everyone should just have a good time.

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